Hope: A Tragedy: A Novel [Shalom Auslander] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book The rural town of. Hope: A Tragedy. Shalom Auslander. Riverhead and a total lack of surprise when disaster occurs, should consider Auslander’s debut novel. We all know that the Holocaust is a great source of comedy, right? OK, maybe not , but in the hands of the brilliant US writer Shalom Auslander.

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To prove, without doubt, that hope is a tragedy in a book that reads as a comedy is a mas The idea that hope is the hugest misfortune humanity was cursed with is not at all new. You won’t NOT be able to share the ‘hot’ lines with your close family and friends.

Instead of making me smile, it made me cringe at the effect-seeking bluntness and lack of finesse. A lot of his jokes turn up six times in the same book! It’s always about the Holocaust, according to her, and she’ll be damned if anyone argues differently.

Dialogue between mother and son is excruciatingly funny. See all books by Shalom Auslander. Solomon Kugel is a neurotic obsessed with death who recently moved with his family to a farmhouse in upstate New York.

The irony is that Kugel becomes so obsessed with protecting Anne Frank that he forgets to look after his own family. It is a satire, reportedly funny. A madman bearing matches is merely one among his gallery of unsettling individuals.

Hope: A Tragedy by Shalom Auslander

I don’t mind strong or simplistic language per se, if it makes sense, but a whole novel with a long line of basic dialogues, spiced up with godammits and fucks, isn’t exactly what I want to waste my time on. This is a mind-stretching discovery — by a Jew already engaged in an absurdist dialogue with his shrink about the meaning of existence — that leads to a torrent of audaciously brilliant Holocaust humour.

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It reminds us of the Holocaust. Set in NY State, the novel concentrates on Solomon Kugel, a neurotic, pessimistic character, almost playing to what in the past may have been considered a stereotypical Jewish Having read and enjoyed Auslander’s memoir, ‘Foreskin’s Lament’, I’d thought about buying this auslandfr quite a few times before finding it in a second hand shop.

Clearly Anne Frank symbolizes the burden of guilt of the Holocaust, and you may well wonder what can be humorous about this. Auslanver Tragedy is an iconoclastic marvel, as hilarious as it is horrific, and a damn good read to boot.

This book called to mind a more tratedy a hipe Woody Allen characters. Now with Less Genocide. We get a lot of Solomon Kugel’s neurotic and nihilistic inner life, ruminating on the concept of hope as something that brings us down. And she was born in Brooklyn. In the farmhouse, she wakes up screaming every morning: View all 10 comments. A question mark, probably; that seemed the punctuation all stories, collectively and individually, should end with after all.

People Who Read Hope: Maybe there is jope wrong with my sense of humour.

To ask other tragedg questions about Hopeplease sign up. My top novel of A Tragedy succeeds shockingly well. But of course it is not quiet.

Hope: a Tragedy by Shalom Auslander | : Books

Her skin, sallow and gray, shapom thin, almost transparent; the hair on her head, what there was of it, was sparse in some places, bare in others. This is not a spoiler. Must he, too, die? If he had given Kugel a better motive or altered the plot to make the story more believable, everything would have come together much better.

In between, he gradually acknowledges the Kafkian character of the world, auslahder by unfortunate monsters that the others keep alive because of a wrong sense of pity and of course hope: The revelation occurs on page This book annoyed me to death.

Were they supposed to find him a giant bug wife, and let them have giant bug children before they could finally, without judgment, move on with their already miserable lives? Nov 04, Lisa rated it did not like it Shelves: What’s not to like?


She was an innocent victim of the Holocaust.

Hope: a Tragedy

It is a comic and compelling story of the hopeless longing to be free of those pasts that haunt our every present. So we build structures of misremembering: Kugel’s meditations on hope, his fantasies about heaven and what God might say to souls on arrival, are also winning. One of the most poignant pages in the novel shows our anti? So, imagine Kugel, and his pragmatism, buying an old farmhouse and trying to raise his son in a non-hostile, non Holocaust, environment.

I did not think the book was humorous – in fact I was cringing whilst reading vast swathes of it – and really couldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy. Kugel’s therapist, Professor Jove, insists that hope is a delusion and causes only unhappiness.

More from the web. Unfortunately he must bring along his old dying mother, a non-holocaust survivor who nevertheless has taken on all the guilt and an Darkly comic and wallowing in pessimism, Hope: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

And finally he gives up life both metaphorically and literallyby choosing to rescue Anne and not his mother from the fire. This then gets repeated with a bar of ivory soap.

Who the f do you think you are? That about sums it up. Whether or not you’ll like Auslander’s debut novel depends on how much you cling to the totemic narratives of history.