eyeOS User Manual – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Install Guide eyeOS 2 Cloud Computing OS on Windows v Global Open Versity Cloud Computing Hands-on Labs Training Manual. Step-By-Step Install. operation, for example reading the database, you call a PHP function on the server side using the provided API. 6 EyeOS Developer Manual, English.

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Feel free to explore all the available configuration options. The default login to eyeOS is the username “root” and your password.

eyeOS installation manual on Windows V_百度文库

Under your files section on your eyeOS desktop, click Upload link, as shown in Figure. With the release of the 1. Click and Confirm Contact each individual person to your contact, as shown in Fig. Eyeos 2 3 user manual gz” with this icons 2. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Unzip to your user defined web server directory.

Registering as a new user Step 2: Run Open Office in headless Modus with this command in one line: Scroll down and click the forward arrow icon.

You are free to continue with the installation even if there are some missing requirements in your server.


You can do this My Calendar, and click New to create one. An optional cache ports to. It also has a powerful applications bundle that includes 5 powerful applications out of the box thought to be simple and easy to use: However, if you want a full experience in your eyeOS, it is strongly recommended to have all the requirements installed before proceeding.

If during the installation of eyeOS, any of the pre-requisites or required packages is marked in red or orange color, and you continue with the installation — then your eyeOS cloud computing operating is bound to occasionally crash or fail to work completely!

I think better to check Apache error logs for the details of this issue.

Increase the PHP memory limit 1. Click Create New Workgroup button to access the Creating a new workgroup dialog box, as shown in Fig.

Calculator – use calculator to perform quick o screen calculation. Click on the Add file green icon, as shown in Fig. You eyyeos see a database created confirmation on the next screen as shown in Fig.

You also have the option to “Create New Workgroup”. When done uploading the file, you should be able to locate on your Files – Documents section and the respective folded you placed in, like shown in Fig. Modify the following line in C: There are two users that can be used to access the web interface: Quick Notes – You can write your quick notes and reminder on the Notes notice eyeod, as shown in Fig. All active applications have check mark on their respective icon.


Eyeos manual user Eyeos user manual.

Here is the very first screen you should see when launching this URL:. Documents — You can use Documents mqnual which uses eyeOSDocs to write new document or edit an existing one. Notepad — You can use Notepad application to write new text document or edit an existing one.

Eyeos 2 3 user manual

In this article, we will show you how this web desktop can be installed on ubuntu. Download and install Open Office for Windows 2. The still maintained 1. With eyeOS you can build your private Cloud Desktop today. Check if its running by typing: To view database using command-line, change: Not Installed Mysql extension: Installed shm memory support: