Import Quickbooks QBB file into Excel. I read that this can be done but I have not tried it. If you need to open Quickbooks in Excel, here is instructions (it may work . A QBB file is created by Intuit’s Quick Books software when the backup feature is utilized. These files are proprietary and cannot be read by any other software. QBB is a file extension for a backup file format used by Intuit Inc’s Quickbooks. Quickbooks is a set of software solutions designed to manage payroll, inventory, .

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Opening QBB files

Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Offensive: Thanks for you help. Having problems opening a QBB file? Sorry you can’t see it. Back to Computer Newbies forum 23 total posts.

Some or all of the following conveert or information may not apply to your situation. No question is too small or big, simple or complicated, dumb or smart–what you’ll find is a comfortable and friendly destination for you to discuss and get tips on fixing problems with computer hardware or software, Windows OS, viruses, as well as networks and the Internet.

Try making use of them to associate a ZIP file with Microsoft Word or Wordpad or Notepad or Windows Paint – yes, the new association will attempt to open the file but the file data will remain unreadable because the applications do not “understand” the file type and format. QuickBooks is developed by Intuit, and the extension is responsible for backing up financial data for the software application.

The database must be a standard database, when i use any software for my business, then i should not be dependent on any vendor for my business. If you need to open Quickbooks in Excel, here is instructions it may work in other spreadsheet programs as well. The data typically contains templates, financial information, letters, images, and other content used with database style applications.


When I say “open the file” I mean: Can be useful for extracting a single file rather then running the install for many reasons. That is how back ups work. If you are certain that the tile you typed is one that the program you are using will understand, click Yes to confirm the change.

QBB File – What is it and how do I open it?

A quick look at Intuit finds https: Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities: This may not be much help to you but the others may be misunderstanding what you are asking.

This is not a real explanation, I’m afraid. Every program that’s installed on your computer is designed to open one or more particular file types, each of which is identified by a file name extension.

I ended up copying the QuickBooks file I wanted to save on disc to my desktop, then burning the desktop file to a CD-R disc. It helps Windows select the right program to open the file.

Some did, some didn’t, mostly folders where effected. In simple how can I migrate from quickbooks to other accounting software, if in case tomorrow i do not want to use quickbooks or think as of my business has extended so much that it is demanding features which are not available in quickbooks.

To change a file name extension, first ensure that file name extensions are visible. I have tried to search for a cure on the internet which recommended the ParetolLogic file cure program which cost You can also xonvert to convert the QBB file to another format using a conversion program capable of converting financial data to another format. There are risks however, it can be done but it may screw things up.

Let’s see if this is supported. You are reporting the following post: The file is an executable type. This was helpful 0.

How do I convert a quickbooks file to CSV or Excel format??

If a user happens to lose needed information or files or the information within the QuickBooks files becomes corrupt, he or she can flie the QBB file to restore the lost or corrupt information. Proffitt Forum moderator January 3, 8: Now he just got done saying: What I belive you are asking is “how do I open my.


This should open the QBB file in the spreadsheet. This might however, make using these files on this receiving computer impossible. His first statement about using a hex editor was correct.

How do I open a QBB file? – Forums – CNET

I’d conert the a hex editor, like mentioned by Edward, is a very good way to look into any file. These do not have dissimilars functions they are the same. Since QBB files are backup file types, they contain an exact copy of data related to accounting records and financial transactions which can easily be restored in the event qbg data loss or when something happens to the primary file which is identified with the QBW file extension.

A qbb is a quickbooks archive file and no matter what other extension you change it to or what other application you associate it with it remains a quickbooks archive file that is not readable in other applications. If the primary QBW file and the QBB file both become corrupt, this leaves you with another option for accessing the data in the file without having to resort to a file recovery convertt which may or may not work.

I don’t want to open the file because of curiosity, I want to be able to open the CD-R on another computer and read the backed up info. Try a universal bqb viewer In addition to the products listed above, I would suggest that you try a universal file viewer like Free File Viewer. See help and covert.

Does the “other computer” you say you want to “open” the CD on have the Quickbooks program installed?